Le Géant Antique… where your projects become a reality!

A businss where the passion for antiques is a family affair, the Géant Antique has made its name in the sale and buying of antiques. Nearly half a century after it was started, thanks to its growth and the know-how acquired by its team, the Géant Antique excels in three fields of activity:

  • Buying, selling and evaluating antiques
  • Made to measure design and fabrication of cupboards, furniture and wall units made 100% of real wood
  • The eco-design of furniture by a process that gives a second life to wood from old buildings (flooring, mouldings, doors, hardware etc.).

Add to this palette of possibilities a range of complementary services going from scale drawings right through to delivery to your home you giving you an unequaled offer on the market that is prized all over North America.

Visit us often and you will see that the choice, quality and service that we offer  lives  up to our name.

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