About us

As its name suggests, the Géant Antique was born out of the passion of the members of our family business for antiques.

Since 1965 we have combined our knowledge of antique furniture and our manual skills to the great benefit of our business which brings together eight members of the same family.

Three areas of excellence

Over the years, our production capabilities and our constantly growing expertise have allowed us to diversify so that we are now expert in three activity sectors:

  • Buying, selling and evaluating antiques
  • Made to measure design and fabrication of cupboards, furniture and wall units made 100% of real wood
  • The eco-design of furniture by a process that gives a second life to wood from old buildings (flooring, mouldings, doors, hardware etc.).

The Géant Antique consists of 30 000 square feet of inventory, 35 000 items, leading edge equipment and an expertise that is recognized throughout North America.

We look forward to impressing you.

Le Géant Antique

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