Kitchen cupbooards

Kitchen cupbooards 100% solid wood

Already have plans for  making the kitchen cupboards of your dreams?  Or maybe you would prefer a turnkey project?  Our designers can complete your project, made to measure.  Either in country style or contemporary depending on your preferences.

All of our cupboards are fabricated using first quality solid wood without laminates or melamine.

Magic cupboards

The revitalization of a kitchen, the purchase of new solid wood cupboards in particular, usually involves a considerable investment  and major inconvenience. The Géant Antique offers you  a quality solution at a lower cost with the <magic cupboards> concept.

The method that we have developed consists of retaining your old cupboard boxes and fitting them with a new facade.  The results are exceptional without the problems of demolition and dust,  all at a fraction of the price of a complete makeover.

An excellent means of saving that is also environmentally friendly.